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Defining Warehousing's Role in Reverse Logistics
A very good article outlining some of the excellent research and findings of James Stock, Professor of Marketing and Logistics at the University of South Florida.

Some highlights are as follows...

Report: 7 Steps to Successful Reverse Logistics Operations

How well are you managing your Reverse Logistics Operations? How do your operations people determine the best course of action for that pallet full of returned goods that just arrived?

Returns operations and processing is an emerging topic that has been neglected for a long time. There is no school for reverse logistics, no rules or methods, and no best practices or comparisons. How do you know WHAT you should be doing? How do you know HOW WELL you are doing?

Report: The Reverse Logistics Opportunity For 3PLs

CEOs and the senior management of 3rd Party Logistics Providers (3PL's) and Outsourced Service Providers (3PSP's) need to take a close look at Reverse Logistics as an excellent strategic source of value added revenues. To help you understand Reverse Logistics Services we have created an introductory report:

The Reverse Logistics Opportunity - What Is Reverse Logistics, Who Needs Help, And Why You Need To Do It

Case Study: SMC Networks Returns Management System
Learn how SMC Networks, a leading provider of Networking and Wireless Networking solutions manages the complexities of product returns with a dedicated Reverse Logistics Management system software and reduced their processing costs by 50%.

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Business Insights and Strategies for Managing
Reverse Logistics Operations