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A Universal Reverse Logistics Framework to Improve Your Operations

How well are your Reverse Logistics processes performing?  How do you know where to identify changes that will improve your operations or your Reverse Logistics software?  What Best Practices are others using that you should be incorporating into your returns processing? 

In response to numerous member requests, the Reverse Logistics Association Information Technology Committee is assembling a resource to assist you to analyze your operations.  This resource is a Universal Reverse Logistics Framework Model.

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Report: Why Mattel’s Reverse Logistics Team Gets All the Resources They Need

While the Reverse Logistics teams at most companies are resource strapped and operating on shoestring budgets, Nancy Maclean’s team at Mattel gets all the resources she needs.

Maclean and her team have developed a very effective program to monitor, manage and prevent Returned Goods. Their work has resulted in a reduction in Mattel’s cost of defective returns by over 50% over the last 5 years.

Maximizing Recovery While Minimizing the Environmental Impacts for Reverse Logistics
How can we recover the highest value for our returned goods if we are trying to protect the environment as well? Will environmental initiatives result in significant additional costs and efforts for reverse logistics processing?

Report: Reverse Logistics Tips from the Pros
I had the honor of speaking and teaching Reverse Logistics at the Reverse Logistics Conference and Expo in Amsterdam 2005 hosted by the Reverse Logistics Association.  I also had a chance to learn from many other Reverse Logistics Professionals and I just had to pass some of the knowledge I gained.

Six Reverse Logistics Tips for Better Replacement Inventory Management
When a customer is on the phone with a warranty issue that requires a replacement product, they are looking to be satisfied immediately. Often however, this is a difficult challenge due to the high cost, limited resources and low inventory levels allocated to manage your replacements.

Report: Successful Reverse Logistics for e-Commerce Retailers
If you run an e-Commerce retail store, product returns are unavoidable. Reverse logistics in an e-tail environment is a challenging part of your business. Customer service is essential to getting and keeping your on-line customers. The handling of your customer product returns is an essential component of your customer service program.

Harvard says Big Dividends Available in Reverse Supply Chain
If you are building your business case to improve your Reverse Logistics, a reference article from Harvard Business Review might help convince your CEO, CFO and senior management team of the value available from investing resources in your Reverse Supply Chain. If Reverse Logistics is a topic worthy of an article in the Harvard Business Review, it must be a topic worthy of your senior management’s attention.

Report: Leveraging Technology in Reverse Logistics
Handling product returns is tricky. Assembling technology to help you effectively manage your Reverse Logistics is even trickier.

The good news is that the technology changes over the past several years have resulted in some excellent opportunities to leverage technology to improve your Reverse Logistics processes.

Enhance Your Profits By Improving Your Reverse Logistics - Seminar by Paul Rupnow
Paul Rupnow will be teaching a seminar to enable you to Enhance Your Profits By Improving Your Reverse Logistics at the Reverse Logistics Association Trade Show Amsterdam at the Dorint Sofitel Airport Hotel in Amsterdam, June 27-29, 2005.

Learn more about the Seminar

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