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Retail Returns handling Best Practices from L.L. Bean

Some excellent Reverse Logistics benchmarks and best practices from L.L. Bean for e-commerce retail returns handling and processing from an article by Amanda Loudin from Inbound Logistics.com, DC Solutions.  

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Report: Successful Reverse Logistics for e-Commerce Retailers
If you run an e-Commerce retail store, product returns are unavoidable. Reverse logistics in an e-tail environment is a challenging part of your business. Customer service is essential to getting and keeping your on-line customers. The handling of your customer product returns is an essential component of your customer service program.

Returns Management Tactics from Philips

A great deal of Reverse Logistics success can be achieved by focusing on Returns prevention.  Philips Consumer Electronics began its Return rate reduction initiatives by understanding what was causing the Returns and seeking ways to avoid or prevent Returns. 

This case study written by Tony Sciarrotta from Philips is a must read of all Reverse Logistics professionals.

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