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Reverse Logistics - A Motherload Waiting to be Mined

"As companies strive to wring every cent out of their logistics costs, they're increasingly taking a hard look at their reverse logistics practices.  And no wonder  --  they may find a motherlode waiting to be mined."

Inbound Logistics is the source of one of the best, well researched articles on Reverse Logistics.  This article is required reading for everyone in Reverse Logistics.  

The article outlines a list of steps to Get Started In Reverse - action steps to help you "develop and implement an integrated approach to reverse logistics that will lead to increased customer satisfaction, fewer returns, lower costs, and greater return on your assets". 

Returns Management Tactics from Philips

A great deal of Reverse Logistics success can be achieved by focusing on Returns prevention.  Philips Consumer Electronics began its Return rate reduction initiatives by understanding what was causing the Returns and seeking ways to avoid or prevent Returns. 

This case study written by Tony Sciarrotta from Philips is a must read of all Reverse Logistics professionals.

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