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A Universal Reverse Logistics Framework to Improve Your Operations

How well are your Reverse Logistics processes performing?  How do you know where to identify changes that will improve your operations or your Reverse Logistics software?  What Best Practices are others using that you should be incorporating into your returns processing? 

In response to numerous member requests, the Reverse Logistics Association Information Technology Committee is assembling a resource to assist you to analyze your operations.  This resource is a Universal Reverse Logistics Framework Model.

Reduce Your No Trouble Found NTF, NPF with a Product Re-Design Tool

Many proactive companies are spending a lot of time trying to determine how to avoid returns.  If you could reduce Your No Trouble Found (NTF, NPF No Problem Found) how much of an impact would that have on your reverse logistics?  Below is a great Product Re-Design Tool and questionaire to help assess your products with the goal of reducing NFT returns.

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