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Retail Returns handling Best Practices from L.L. Bean

Some excellent Reverse Logistics benchmarks and best practices from L.L. Bean for e-commerce retail returns handling and processing from an article by Amanda Loudin from Inbound Logistics.com, DC Solutions.  

Reduce Your No Trouble Found NTF, NPF with a Product Re-Design Tool

Many proactive companies are spending a lot of time trying to determine how to avoid returns.  If you could reduce Your No Trouble Found (NTF, NPF No Problem Found) how much of an impact would that have on your reverse logistics?  Below is a great Product Re-Design Tool and questionaire to help assess your products with the goal of reducing NFT returns.

Framework To Analyze Your Reverse Logistics

If you need to analyze your Reverse Logistics systems and processes or to develop a Reverse Logistics business case to assess Return On Investment ROI for a project, it is difficult to know where to start.

Developing a Reverse Logistics framework for your company is an excellent way to start your analysis.  A framework diagram and document helps you organize the key areas of all your returns processing.

Reverse Logistics - A Motherload Waiting to be Mined

"As companies strive to wring every cent out of their logistics costs, they're increasingly taking a hard look at their reverse logistics practices.  And no wonder  --  they may find a motherlode waiting to be mined."

Inbound Logistics is the source of one of the best, well researched articles on Reverse Logistics.  This article is required reading for everyone in Reverse Logistics.  

The article outlines a list of steps to Get Started In Reverse - action steps to help you "develop and implement an integrated approach to reverse logistics that will lead to increased customer satisfaction, fewer returns, lower costs, and greater return on your assets". 

Forbes Magazine Suggestions to Reduce Reverse Logistics Costs

Forbes outlines some great suggestions for reducing Reverse Logistics costs:

1. Slash unnessesary returns to reduce credits issued - "A company that currently doesn’t monitor its returns can cut between 15% and 30% in credit issuance by correcting this process"
2. Further recommendations in the following list:

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Maximizing Recovery While Minimizing the Environmental Impacts for Reverse Logistics
How can we recover the highest value for our returned goods if we are trying to protect the environment as well? Will environmental initiatives result in significant additional costs and efforts for reverse logistics processing?

Reverse Logistics Tips from the Pros in Singapore
The Asia Pacific region is a complex market with diverse cultures and a large geographic size. These features present some very unique Reverse Logistics challenges.

Report: Reverse Logistics Tips from the Pros
I had the honor of speaking and teaching Reverse Logistics at the Reverse Logistics Conference and Expo in Amsterdam 2005 hosted by the Reverse Logistics Association.  I also had a chance to learn from many other Reverse Logistics Professionals and I just had to pass some of the knowledge I gained.

Six Reverse Logistics Tips for Better Replacement Inventory Management
When a customer is on the phone with a warranty issue that requires a replacement product, they are looking to be satisfied immediately. Often however, this is a difficult challenge due to the high cost, limited resources and low inventory levels allocated to manage your replacements.

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