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Written by Paul Rupnow   
Friday, 19 October 2007

Many proactive companies are spending a lot of time trying to determine how to avoid returns.  If you could reduce Your No Trouble Found (NTF, NPF No Problem Found) how much of an impact would that have on your reverse logistics?  Below is a great Product Re-Design Tool and questionaire to help assess your products with the goal of reducing NFT returns.

The Ease of Use Round Table has developed a number of great tools to analyze your product returns, understand why your are getting returns and take proactive action to reduce the returns. 

The Ease of Use Round Table was started in response to data suggesting that Ease of Use was the number two reason that potential new buyers were not buying PCs. Since then, their focus has broadened and participating companies include representatives from the desktop and mobile PC OEMs, server OEMs, IT-solutions providers, peripherals providers, communications equipment OEMs, hand held manufacturers, telecom providers, electronics and CE product providers.  The EOU Roundtable includes companies such as Intel, Microsoft, HP, Dell, Siras, Philips, Access Technologies, Lexmark, Best Buy, Broadcom, Lenovo, LG Electronics, Nokia, Samsung, France Telecom, and Canon

  clipped from www.eouroundtable.com
Design for Supportability Tool (XLS)
Product re-design guideline tool to be used with the Initial Experience Predictor 

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