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Written by Paul Rupnow   
Friday, 28 January 2005
Do you think Standards could help your Company improve your Returns operations?  What industry standards are you using?  What areas do standards exist?  What will be the benefits?

We need your feedback, comments and suggestions. I am on a panel next week at the Reverse Logistics Conference and Expo in Las Vegas. The topic is Reverse Logistics IT Standardization. Please let me know how or where you think Standards could help your Company improve your Returns operations. Post your comment below or just This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it me


Editors Note:  This article was posted a while ago, but this is still a very important topic, please continue to let us know where you use standards and where you think we need more standardization. 

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written by Chris, Mon, Jan 31, 2005

Standardisation of software to cover the vast variety of products returned is not as difficult as first envisaged. The basic fundamentals are the same irrespective of the product, however it is not the standard 80% correct and matching paperwork that causes the problems, it is the other 20% that do not conform to the RMA, the dispatch note or even product description (as well as the incomplete and damaged)

The software should include an approach to this problem and its resolution. Just non acceptance of the product is non realistic! Secondly, the view has to be taken as to what happens to the product at point of return, inspection and credit / replacement. In other words, a decision solution on the life cycle of the product and its credit or replacement.

Hope it all helps
Good Luck

written by Guest, Mon, Jan 31, 2005

We operate a Returns Service center with multiple customers. Every customer has vastly differnt requirements for their RMAs, the processing or flow of their RMAs and the paperwork and reports.

It is a real challenge for us to meet the special needs of each customer. At times it is frustrating for us, especially since there is very little real difference in the actual returns processing and repair service.

Standard templates and stardardized processes would reduce our efforts significantly. This in turn would reduce our costs, which in turn results in less expensive Returns processing for our clients.

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