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Story Proposals

We're always eager to hear good ideas about stories for our report. We use the following guidelines:


Reverse Logistics Professional addresses a fairly narrow audience -- senior level industry executives, supply chain managers and reverse logistics professionals who need to manage or handle product returns.


Ideally, every story should offer a valuable benefit or important insight to the reader. We see Reverse Logistics Professional primarily as a business report, not as a technology or new publication. That means we try to offer solutions to industry-wide business problems of managing product returns. We particularly like to interview people with fresh insight and views of the emerging Reverse Logistics world. In particular, we pay attention to leading edge topics, such as new production methods or best practice models. Our readers are hands on with Reverse Logistics issues and look to Reverse Logistics Professional to learn about product returns and how to manage them successfully. We are also very interested in numbers. We like to produce hard statistical data to back up our findings. And just about every story we write includes some discussion of measurable results, costs, time, and the like. We know this data is important to our readers, and we expect the people we interview to be willing to share at least some of their key numbers. We also focus on "expert tips." We like to interview hands on reverse logistics people who can share their experiences and knowledge into a few tight, actionable suggestions.

Email your proposals to Paul Rupnow at our address on the Contact us page.


Business Insights and Strategies for Managing
Reverse Logistics Operations